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Java R6.5 API AdminP approve method woes
~Paul Regeroburjip 26.Jan.04 09:22 PM a Web browser
Applications Development 6.5 All Platforms

I understand that a fundamental way of dealing with Notes database objects is to open a notes database, read a specific document, access its NoteID and then utilize a host of methods to manipulate the data.

However, utilizing the methods within the Java API R6.5 AdministrationProcess class, it is possible to emulate many common Domino Administrator tasks without ever exclicity opening the admin4.nsf database. For example, appropriately calling the deleteUser method, actually triggers the following AdminP process requests (as per documentation): "Delete person in Domino Directory," "Delete in Person documents," "Delete in Access Control List," "Delete in Reader / Author fields," "Get information for deletion," "Approve file deletion," "Request file deletion," "Delete mail file," "Delete unlinked mail file," "Approve deletion of Private Design Elements," "Request to delete Private Design Elements," and "Delete Private Design Elements".

Never once does the java programmer have to obtain a handle, document, or noteID from the admin4.nsf database.
So if each method in the AdministrationProcess class returns "The note ID of an entry created in the Administration Requests database", isn't this NoteID that has been returned valid? Can this returned NoteID be used like the NoteID of a document within the admin4.nsf? Does this returned NoteID actually correspond to a NoteID of a document in the admin4.nsf....and if so, which document? Can it be used with any of the approve methods (i.e. approveDeletePersonInDirectory, approveMailFileDeletion, approveRenamePersonInDirectory, etc.) in this same AdministrationProcess class?

If the documentation contained examples of using the AdministrationProcess class methods, I probably wouldn't be asking these questions <sigh> :-/.


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